Magic Robot

This is the best quiz ever !!

I remember it from my very young years.

It always fascinated me and I thought it extremely 'Magical and Mysterious'.

You place the Magic Robot in the tray in the centre of the 'Questions' section - turn the Magic Robot by his head until his pointer is directed at the centre of the question you wish to have answered.

You then lift the 'Magic Robot' by his head and place him in the centre of the 'mirror' in the 'Answers' section. He will mysteriously spin and point to the correct answer - EVERY TIME !!!

A Merit Toy





My parents bought me a Tri-onic electronic construction outfit for my Christmas.  This was the first, and probably one of the easiest kits to use. Tri-onic projects were built by plugging plastic modules (Lego Style) containing the components into printed circuit boards. Completely safe, no soldering.

Very clever system and way ahead of it's time. 

It was produced by Tri-ang the toy maker and made in Havant Hants, England. 

 Circa. 1962



Many happy evenings were had listening to Radio Luxembourg under the bed covers, earphone pressed to ear and some careful tuning with the coils.

This, plus the satisfaction of knowing it was 'home built' ensure that I've never lost the urge to 'cobble' things together ever since.

Happy Days !!!






Meccano Magazine - April 1960

Meccano inspired the engineer in all of us, even if we had to bend the odd component or two to get it to fit together.

This magazine was produced for all budding enthusiasts and carried many articles on trains, aviation, etc

All boy's hobbies at that time.



The magazine also contained many interesting adverts.



Meccano Magazine - July 1963

The magazine's cover size increased over the years.


This one is the year and month

I was born.

Meccano Magazine - 1949


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